Round About is an original Washington, DC pop/rock band whose music combines clever lyrics with catchy melodies to create a unique yet accessible sound. Sometimes funky, sometimes rocking, sometimes jazzy, sometimes even a little twangy, their brand of melodic pop blends the styles and skills of its members to create a sound that's definitely a sum greater than its parts.


Winter, 2015

We're so excited to announce the release of our second album, "The Best Laid Plans"! To read all about it, click on the album cover belowYou can preview (and download for FREE) the first track "Chasing You" in the Listen section, check out clips of the entire record on the new audio player down the right hand side of the site, or download the album on iTunes at the link below. Physical CDs are available at CD Baby or at an upcoming show.






Next Show

Sat., January 31st - 9:30pm
The Velvet Lounge
915 U Street, NW
Washington, DC 20020


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