"Four normal looking guys with a keen talent for delivering good solid tunes that stick." - from an album review for The Best Laid Plains

Yeah, that's pretty much what they're aiming for, but if you wanted to know the full story, the seeds of Round About were planted during a snowstorm in 2010 when longtime friends and former bandmates 
Patrick Garrity (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Dave Mehring (bass, vocals) reconnected to jam. Having previously played together, they had always enjoyed each other's music: Patrick's songs tend to be acoustic pop based tongue-in-cheek looks at life and relationships, while Dave's tunes serve as a great change of pace, typically adding more of a groovy element. After reminiscing about how many hotel rooms they trashed together, they decided to start up a new outfit, and set about looking for other like-minded musicians.


Paul Nicholas (drums) then tried out, and immediately played like he was always a member. Picking up the material almost instantly, Paul's endless supply of drum chops give an unexpected edge and welcome groove to the material.


Aaron Lowenberger (lead guitar, vocals) is the band's newest member, joining in 2013. He's quickly made his mark on the music with a gorgeous guitar tone and a melodic and expressive playing style. 


Round About has been performing around the DC area to kind support from fans and area musicians alike. Their newest album The Best Laid Plans, was released in 2015. Their debut, Hanging By A Thread was released in 2012.


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Tues., March 27th- 4:15 pm
Nat'l Cherry Blossom Festival
1501 Maine Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20024


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